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Gamesmanship for Teachers: Uncommon Sense is Half The Work

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Publisher: R&L Education June 16, 2009.

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2009 • 216 pages

Hardback: 978-1-60709-103-5

Paperback: 978-1-60709-104-2

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Book Summary

Gamesmanship for Teachers, a must-read from working educator and author Ryan A. Donlan, provides a much-needed shot-in-the-arm for veteran teachers who are inarguably on top of their game, yet are currently bludgeoned by the many nonsensical notions in No Child Left Behind. Great teachers, now working in a much-maligned profession, can give themselves a pat on the back for great work. In this book, teachers discover the power of uncommon sense that this author shares with respect to pedagogy, politics, and the personal health of professionals. This book is a respectful blend of "by-educator/for-educator straight talk," game sharpening strategy, and a celebration of why great teachers went into education in the first place and why they should stay.


“Finally someone understands that it is not only foolish to legislate academic excellence, it is impossible.”— Robert D. Gulash, dean of students, Caseville Public School

“Ryan Donlan's perspective on teaching and education is provocative, even though his message may seem irreverent in places. He will challenge what you believe the state of affairs should be. He is impassioned, borne by his professional experiences. Through his opinions, he encourages the reader to consider carefully how things are and what should change.”— Michael B. Gilbert, professor and chairperson, Department of Educational Leadership, Central Michigan University

“With this book, Ryan Donlan has done what should be done on a daily basis for the veteran teacher. Too often these teachers are left to survive on their own—"they know what they are supposed to do." The veteran teacher needs support and praise for a job well done. As administrators, educators, and society as a whole, we are not positive enough and do not praise others for a job well done. Donlan has captured the essence of life for the veteran teacher. His book lends encouragement to those teachers and shows them how they can support themselves if nothing else. It is those teachers that make all other professions possible.”— Dale L. Moore, principal, Marlette High School, MI

“Within the pages of his book, Ryan Donlan offers advice to the experienced teacher in a straight-forward and practical manner. Like the proverbial Dutch Uncle, he speaks to the reader from experience tempered by caring, That caring for the product of American schools—the education of our nation's children—is the overriding theme of his work and is what makes this a must-read for everyone concerned with teaching and learning in our country today.”— Sharon Stockero, State Department of Education consultant, retired superintendent

“Ryan Donlan provides insight into an educational administrator's greatest asset: the Master teacher. This book is a no-holds-barred look into the mind of the veteran teacher and their relationship with administration. As the number of Master teachers begins to dwindle, the need for administrators to understand what makes them tick is critical to maintaining this country's high education standards.”— Dan Holland, dean, Loyalist College, Belleville, Ontario