Minds Unleashed :: Testimonials


Michele Corbat
Principal, Morrish Elementary School, Swartz Creek Community Schools
Principals are busy people. Our breaks are seldom, and lunchtimes frequently come after students have been dismissed. If we are not intentional with our time to reflect on practice, we risk becoming stagnant. Ryan and Steve have provided educational leaders with a tool for reflection and growth. This book makes it easy to spend minutes each week reading and thinking about our teams, our school districts, and ourselves. If you are looking for a book to help initiate conversations about leadership, challenging the status quo, and encouraging positive deviance, then turn to Minds Unleashed: How Principals Can Lead the Right-Brained Way.
Daniel H. Pink
Author of "Drive" and "A Whole New Mind".
Do you have 15 minutes a week to sharpen your leadership skills? Minds Unleashed is a collection of 52 weekly readings that will give you a new way of looking at leadership. With fresh examples and vivid metaphor, this book will spark creative solutions to problems old and new.
Amber Teamann
Principal, Wylie ISD
Minds Unleashed is a powerful ‘weekly read’ for leaders and teams, very unique in its approach, and certainly a way to get a group talking about some of the important issues we face in K-12 education. I highly recommend it! Having a book in which chapters can be read in just minutes at a time, in any order, is certainly something that I appreciate and can recommend to those in my professional learning network.